Welcome to my blog Evelina by Evelina Di Lauro. Happy to share with you my travel diary  – adventures & experiences and anything & everything else that may come along. With my passion of photography, travelling and embracing the model in me, I plan to create a digital diary full of vibrant images!  Adding style to my outfits, my thoughts and a little history to a few posts helps me create a unique twist.  Here are bits and pieces of my simple yet beautiful travel life. From my home in Montreal, to where ever I may go, follow me & thank you for your support!


You can also join me on Instagram username: @evelinadilauro


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  1. Thank you for the follow! I’ve looked through your blog and it looks great! I’ve just recently started mine so I still need to get going with everything… Wish you all the best in your travels and look forward to reading about them! 🙂


  2. Evelina,

    Although I am late with my thanks, I do appreciate you stopping by A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face and following my blog. I’ve been perusing your blog and have enjoyed the wonderful photography. What a life you are pursuing! I look forward to seeing more.


    1. You’re so welcome. No worries about taking your time with the thanks. Glad to hear you are reading about my travel journey and enjoying the photos. Yes, I agree a great life I am so thankful for. Awesome, new posts on Sicily in just a few hours.

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  3. Hi Evelina,
    Thanks a milli for following Geoidhead. I just started blogging -from my “cocoon”- and it has been quite amazing so far, getting to meet other bloggers from different parts of this wonderful planet (quite certain you would agree to this, since you are a traveler yourself). I must say you got a cool job, you add glamour to traveling; plus your blog as well is remarkably engaging. I do look forward to your cool posts. Wish you safe, memorable travels.


    1. Hi, you’re welcome. I agree, it is amazing and soon became a cool hobby, for me anyway. That’s true meeting and even reading blogs from around the world is one of many upsides to blogging. My favorite part is to share my travels and show the beauty of the world. Thanks for complimenting the essence of my blog, I appreciate it. Glad you think I add glamour to my travels since I surely do like travelling in style and taking fun yet natural looking pictures. Awesome to hear, more new travel posts to come-Stay tuned!

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    1. You’re welcome,I like a travel blog therefore I followed you! Thank you, glad you liked the Rome pictures, more to come on this beautiful city in the weeks to come. If you ever get the chance, Rome sure is worth a visit. Sounds good, happy blogging.


  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I’m so glad you did because it led me to yours, and I have enjoyed reading about your travels. You have a great many followers, and it is easy to see why! Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more


    1. Hi, you’re welcome. I liked the tips of travelling London on your blog. Thank you, so glad to hear you enjoy my blog. I have indeed been able to earn a following throughout the months of my blogging and it sure is motivating to read lovely comments/compliments likes yours. Thank you again, I sure plan on it and awesome to hear, new travel post every Friday-Stay tuned.

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  5. Dear Evelina,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow ! Your site looks really exciting and I am looking forward to reading more of your writings. Hope you would keep taking time to read my poems and I would very much appreciate your feedback on them.

    Thanks again and my very best for all your endeavors !

    Cheers !! 🙂


    1. Hi Chhaya,
      You’re very welcome and thank you for complimenting my blog. I hope you will find the places I visit interesting to read and explore through my photos. Yes, I certainly will, especially since I have been emmersing myself more into poetry lately. Thank you so much and same to you. Cheers, Evelina

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  6. Hey Evelina! Thanks for taking the time to follow our adventures! We love being able to see the stories of others, and sharing in this beautiful world we live in! Keep doing what you love and creating inspiration in others to do the same!
    Take care,
    The Grays


    1. Hey! You’re welcome, looking forward to your travel tip and words of wisdom. Yes so much to see and so much to share. I sure plan on it, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will enjoy my photos and posts. Take care, Evelina

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  7. Thankyou for following me Evelina & i enjoyed your travel videos on youtube its awsome, and looking forward to read your blog #keepitup 🙂 ,have a nice day. stay happy, stay blessed.


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