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La Dolce Vita – Taormina

I would describe Taormina as an elegant Italian way of life or maybe even slight touch of paradise- La Dolce Vita … More La Dolce Vita – Taormina


Chaotic& Captivating Palermo, Sicily

The city of Palermo, Sicily is an Italian gem with traces of ancient Arab civilization treasures. … More Chaotic& Captivating Palermo, Sicily


Simplicity in Cattolica

Sicilia Mia (My Sicily)

My Sicily, My land, My beautiful Sicily, My Sicily

My land, in my heart you will always be my Sicily but to America I shall go

Where the language is foreign

But work I will find and money I will make

If I could, I would never let you go

How will I do without you, you are my land

When I think of you, nostalgia is at its greatest

All the memories of my heart, forever vivid here with me

Land of mine, like a daughter of the sun and of great comparny

Dressed in gold by the rays of the sun

The fruitful beauty of Sicilian women

My Sicily, My land, My beautiful Sicily, My Sicily … More Simplicity in Cattolica


Bella Roma Bella Italia

More of Rome! Art & Culture-La Dolce Vita … More Bella Roma Bella Italia



Known for its spectacular design and architectural elegance and harmony, the Pantheon is yet another masterpiece of the Roman Empire … More Pantheon


Roma Roma Roma

Rome is to me a city with inspiring art & overall a masterpiece of the Renaissance era. … More Roma Roma Roma


When in Rome

The combination of history, art, architecture, maybe even the fact that it’s home to the Pope, the street artists, the Italian street musicians, the street flowers… is what makes Rome quite incredible for me. … More When in Rome


G2 = Genoa Gelato

Gelato in Genoa. Obviously is was amazing. I had raspberry and mango … More G2 = Genoa Gelato



Orvieto is a hill town on tuff volcanic stone overlooking cypress trees.For Walt Disney lovers, Orvieto is home to Pinocchio and Gepetto! … More Pinocchio