Golden Gates

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The seven golden gates of the Royal Palace of Fez. DSCF1677Beautiful brass doorsDSCF1678DSCF1679DSCF1680DSCF1681DSCF1682DSCF1683DSCF1684DSCF1687DSCF1690Patterns, patterns and more patterns. The predominately blue tiles are representative of Fez.DSCF1692Such intricate details. So beautiful and elegant. I love how the golden handles/knockers grace the arched golden door surrounded by more stunning detailed geometrical patterns. I think this is the prettiest door I have ever seen and admired. I love such grand doors.DSCF1693Wearing: Forever 21 dress, Converse shoes, Zara jacket, Michael Kors purse, random hat, Oliver People sunnies.


The Palais Royale of Fez is home to the Moroccan king. Oh how grand this golden palace is! The palace is used when the current King of Morocco visits the city of Fez.

The continuous intricate details is incredible. The tile work and mosaics surrounding the doors is an outstanding architectural work of art. The more I discover and appreciate Islamic art, the more I love it.

Fez’ Royal Palace is also called Dar el-Makhzen and is located at 12 Derb el Miter Oued Zhoune Luxury Riad Medina, Fes, Morocco. Although tourists cannot enter through the golden doors as it is only for Royals, simply visiting the outdoor part feels majestic. Apparently the inside includes: gardens, mosques, incredible architecture and a Madrassa (ancient school of Koranic studies). In other words, it is typically Moroccan.

Luckily we visited the gates in the morning on a week day therefore is wasn’t crowded and allowed for tourist free photos. Except for me, I’m a tourist and I was in my photos. Also, it is important to note that photographing the guards of the palace or any form of security is strictly prohibited.

The impressive golden gates as well as the overall eminence of this edifice is of sheer beauty. Such aesthetically pleasing art.

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