Green side

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This is the green side of the Boujeloud gate where the minaret of the mosque stands tall. DSCF1640DSCF1642DSCF1643Mosque minaret on the outside of the medina in Fez.DSCF1644DSCF1646DSCF1648DSCF1650The streets of Fez once exited through the green gates.DSCF1653DSCF1662Another mosque minaret.DSCF1664

DSCF1477Wearing: Zara pants, Forever 21 long sleeve white top and kimono, Scarf from the street market of Chefchaouen, Tod’s shoes and Michael Kors purse.


A few posts ago, I was standing on the blue side of the gates in Fez, Morocco. (The last photo added in the post is me in front of the blue gates for those who have not seen or don’t remember the post dedicated to the blue gates.)

Here in this post, I decided to photograph the green side of the gates as it is just as lovely. The blue gate and the green gate is the same. The blue side is when you enter the medina in Fez and the green pattern is seen when exiting. The original Moroccan name of these gates is Bad Boujeloud and sometimes called the Grande Porte or simply the Blue gates of Fez.

I  love the continuous patterns and the mosaic look with the three symmetrical horseshoe arches through which one can see the minaret of the mosque. Built in 1913, the beautiful and monumental Morrish style gates are enhanced with geometric floral decorations which are blue on the entrance side and green at the exit.

Because of its unique architectural beauty, the mosaic tiles are iconic to the medina of Fez. The blue side represents the city of Fez for their blue painted pottery and the green is for the color of Islam.

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