In the streets of medina

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Frantic chickensDSCF1623

Love this photo! DSCF1624DSCF1625In the streets of medinaDSCF1626DSCF1627DSCF1628DSCF1629DSCF1630DSCF1631DSCF1632DSCF1633DSCF1635DSCF1636DSCF1637DSCF1638DSCF1639Wearing: Zara pants, Forever 21 long sleeve white top and kimono, Scarf from the street market of Chefchaouen, Tod’s shoes and Michael Kors purse.


In the streets of the medina in Fez, Morocco. Like a bustling bazaar, a medina or souk has so much to offer.  The souks commonly known as markets is home to so many in this town. As I wandered through the alleys, I can’t help but notice the people, some are in a rush, others are simply wandering, others are making their way to their shop, others going to their nearby mosque and so this is life in the medina of Fez. The markets are not even slightly altered to make it more appealing to tourists. It is both fascinating and somewhat bewildering for first timers. Raw, real and simple yet chaotic and noisy is how I would describe the medina of Fez.  The moment I recall being most noisy and memorable is hearing chicken cackles as the call of prayer takes place, butchers screaming their daily specials as people hustle and bustle trough the lanes. A typically Moroccan moment.

Everything one can imagine is available in one form or another in the souks. Food markets selling live chickens or any type of meats at the butchers, fruits, veggies, fish to jewelry, to books, scarfs, purses, homemade scents used as perfume, handmade leather, silverware. The list is endless, you name the souks will have it, in every size, color or how ever you want it!

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7 thoughts on “In the streets of medina

  1. Beautiful pictures. It looks like a place I would love to go to. I love the colors and how fresh the veggies look. I just love it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us. Until next time, Kathleen


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