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DSCF1549DSCF1550DSCF1552DSCF1553Endless patterns and colorsDSCF1556DSCF1559DSCF1561The beautiful fountain and IDSCF1562When there is so much detail in the architecture my camera can’t fully capture and blurs!DSCF1565DSCF1566DSCF1567Wearing: Zara pants, Forever 21 top and kimono, Scarf from Chefchaouen street markets and Tod’s shoes.


This is a riad. The word riad means garden in Arabic. A riad is a traditional Moroccan house sometimes considered a palace or even guesthouse usually containing a fountain. Riads are also houses where Moroccan women can remove their veil in privacy.  Some riads are now used as touristic places such as hotels and often have an interior garden while being sun drenched.  Moroccan hotels using the Riad style seem really cool, next time I go, I will try to stay in one.

This particular riad I visited did not seem to be an active one. Only open to tourists who are interested in appreciating the array of colors and patterns and snap a few pictures. So that’s what I did! What intrigues me most is the subtle mystery and majesty of the patterns. No wonder riads were once for the wealthiest of Moroccan citizens.

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