Photo shoot in Morocco, why not?

DSCF1530DSCF1534DSCF1537DSCF1541DSCF1544DSCF1545View of the city of Fez.DSCF1548Wearing: Zara pants, Forever 21 top, Tod’s shoe, scarf from Chefchaoeun street market and random hat


As we walked through the alleys and lanes of the medina of Fez, we glanced through every open door to see what was going on.  One man sitting guarding a door so proudly spotted us, obvious looking tourists and said ‘ would you like to go up to the top floor, the view is beautiful’. Sure we said. As we are ready to go up, that will be 120 Moroccan Dirhams (currency) he said. Oh I thought it was free, but no that is how business is done in the souks of Fez. As we continue to make our way up, the man says, ‘wait here a moment, this is a place for widows, let me see if you can enter their top floor’. I am feeling slightly worried but since we had already paid, okay we said. Before you know it, the coast was clear for us to walk up the stairs and find nothing but an abandoned top floor with a cool view of Fez.

It seemed quite deserted, the area did not seem to be home to anyone. Nor did it have anything to accommodate anyone. I think the man just made a few Dirhams, so we enjoyed our time there and made the best of the view. Photo shoot in Morocco, why not?

The unexpected always allows for fun stories to tell.

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