Simply Morocco

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These are the streets and shops of the largest souk/ medina in Fez. DSCF1504

Textures and colorsDSCF1508DSCF1510DSCF1511DSCF1512Shops in medinaDSCF1513DSCF1514

Traditional Moroccan shoes called babouches, available for sale in medina shopsDSCF1517DSCF1519DSCF1520DSCF1522DSCF1525DSCF1610


The maze like alley ways of the astonishingly large medina in Fez is one interesting place. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is the world’s best preserved medieval city.

From the decorated patterns to the array of colors surrounding me in the medina, I am amazed! When visiting the medina, or should I say the labyrinth for first time tourists, it is fascinating to see tradespeople and craftspeople do everyday business and continue to function as they always have.

As I immersed myself in the essence of the Fez medina, I am fascinated by how locals navigate the 9000 narrow and sometimes dark and dank lanes without maps. Even children get by so easily.  This bustling bazaar can be overwhelming but incredible to experience nonetheless.

As I continue my journey in Fez,  I love the vivid colors and patterns that constantly surround me.

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11 thoughts on “Simply Morocco

  1. I don’t want to rain on your photos, although I could do without many of the shoes and purses. Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story about Europeans who have found Morocco; they go there to play golf. How your golf game? I don’t play.


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