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Welcome to Fez, Morocco!DSCF1472

The Bab Boujeloud, the upper and main entrance to the medina.DSCF1473The gate and the mosque- such a pretty siteDSCF1474

Beautiful & continuous blue patternsDSCF1475DSCF1477Twirl in front the the Boujeloud gate!!DSCF1479DSCF1481DSCF1486DSCF1494

The silhouette of the minaret of the mosque is just wow!DSCF1498

Mosaic tilesDSCF1499On the other side of the gates. Welcome to the chaotically disorienting medina of Fez.DSCF1501Wearing: Zara pants, Forever 21 top and long kimono, Scarf from Chefchaoeun, Morocco street market, Michael Kors purse, Tod’s purse and random hat


This is Fez- also known as the ancient capital.  Here I am in front of the main entrance of the chaotic medina or old town of Fez. As I go through the blue Boujeloud gates surrounded by high walls, I enter the narrow streets, alleys and dead ends of the medina. Time to hopelessly get lost in the labyrinth. A maze for me, home to so many. For hours and hours we walked and enjoyed the medina lifestyle.

This post was a glimpse to life in the medina of Fez.

More to come in the next posts. -Stay tuned!

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