Landscape on my way to Fez

View on original Evelina siteDSCF1440DSCF1441DSCF1442DSCF1447DSCF1448

Mountains and valleysDSCF1453ShadowDSCF1455DSCF1458DSCF1459DSCF1461DSCF1462DSCF1463Wearing: Zara pants, Forever 21 top and long kimono, Tod’s shoes, Scarf from Chefchauoen market and Michael Kors purse.


Rise and shine everyone. Today was an early morning as we made our way from the blue town of Chefchaouen to the big city of Fez in Morocco. Lots of driving to get to the next city. I’ve always loved to look outside and appreciate the scenery that goes by.   The journey is just an interesting as the big cities.  As we drove, we got to see goats, donkeys, sheep, mules, farmers in the fields and locals going about their daily life in their smalls towns.

As the changing Moroccan landscapes are passing us by, this particular spot caught our attention enough to stop and take some cool photos. Mountains and alleys, we stopped and just enjoyed the scenery for a couple of minutes before continuing to Fez!

Stay tune for photos of the city of Fez, up on the blog next week.

Until next time,



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