Shades of Blue

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DSCF1245Colorful flowerpots nicely aligned on the blue stairsDSCF1247DSCF1252DSCF1253DSCF1259Hues of blues DSCF1267DSCF1268DSCF1367DSCF1435Wearing: Forever 21 pants and top, Converse shoes, Michael Kors purse and Zara sweater


As I continue to navigate and explore the streets of Chefchaouen, I found a beautiful and small peaceful alleyway in the maze like medina. Suddenly, I noticed the colorful flowerpots against the shades of blue. A perfect spot for a mini photo shoot, I couldn’t resist the lovely background. This alleyway was home to a few locals.

Such flowerpots, other colorful pottery along with wares and Moroccan style teapots can be found while shopping the town’s markets.

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