Markets of Chefchaouen

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Welcome to the colorful markets of Chefchaouen, Morocco!DSCF1234Locals grocery shopping in the food markets of ChefchaeounDSCF1236

Fruit vendor stalls in main square of Chefchaouen.DSCF1238

Lined up dye in the alleyways of Chefchaeoun!DSCF1290DSCF1292

Love the pop of colors. Dark orange stands out the most to my eyes.DSCF1334

So much color!DSCF1336

Fruits & veggiesDSCF1337


Cinnamon buns anyone? Ps those are bees hovering over the sugar not chocolate chipsDSCF1352

Dye and my pink shoes!DSCF1376

Beautiful hand woven blankets sold in the marketsDSCF1381

Carpet marketDSCF1422


These are the markets of Chefchaeoun. The air of Chefchaeoun can be heavy at times especially when shopping through the spice markets but lighter and fresher in the fruits and veggies sections. There are many fruit vendor stalls in the cobblestone squares of Chefchaeoun offering freshly squeezed juices in exchange for a few Moroccan dirhams.

Also the bright colored henna dyes are pretty cool. The array of colors from pink to purple to blue and yellow are used to decorate the hands and feet during celebrations such as weddings.

What I love most are the colors of the fruits that pop against the shades of blue creating a unique grocery/shopping experience for tourists but is commonplace for locals.

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