Twirl in the blue city

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This is me being me in the town of Chefchaoeun Morocco. The relaxing shades of blue got me in a happy mood so why not twirl? I do this is many cities, I get photos taken of me while I twirl and then add the moment to my Twirl around the world photo collection.  This was a perfect spot for my twirl as it was an uncrowded corner.  The little town is perfect to simply walk around and enjoy the hues of blue and  patterns. Chefchaoeun is one of Morocco’s best kept secret destination gaining much popularity as it offer a unique vibe and cool photo opportunities.

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26 thoughts on “Twirl in the blue city

  1. How beautiful, and how lucky of you to take and experience the beauty of Morocco!! Lovely post
    M & Bear


  2. There was a little girl, who gave a little twirl, right in the middle of the piazza. As she would spin, she would sport an impish grin, ’till the skies poured out blue like the ocean.


  3. I was right. I do want to live here. What a beautiful place. I love that your twirling. I would be twirling too if I was there with you. I love to twirl. I just don’t do it too much because I get dizzy. What beautiful pictures. You look great as always. Can’t wait to see more adventures. Until next time, Kathleen


    1. I think the small building serves as fountain or water dispenser since there are many of those in Moroccan towns. Maybe an information center but there is no door to get in, not that I recall anyways. Same the patterns are so intricate and delicate and I too love the white and blue combination.


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