The Blue Pearl

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Waving Moroccan flag in the city of Chefchaouen. DSCF1100DSCF1103DSCF1111DSCF1114DSCF1123DSCF1131

Local marketsDSCF1146

Narrow blue alleywaysDSCF1147DSCF1150DSCF1160DSCF1164

Studded blue doorsDSCF1173DSCF1180DSCF1206Blue walls, blue doors, blue steps, so much blue everywhere! DSCF1212DSCF1231Wearing: Forever 21 pants, Forever 21 top, Converse shoes, Zara jacket, Michael Kors purse


This morning, I woke up to the call of prayer, I heard it from my hotel room, reminded me of my time in Turkey, especially while in Istanbul.

The all blue town in Morocco is called Chefchaoeun. It is referred to as The Blue Pearl because is it a calming and hidden gem in the Rif mountain of the country.  Filled with local markets and restaurants, this town allowed me to get a feel of traditional Moroccan lifestyle. I enjoyed my days getting lost in the old quarters of the medina alleys and looked for awesome spots to photograph the different palettes of blue.  Although the medina is maze like, the town is easy to navigate, discover and explore.

Fun fact:the locals paint the town blue every year. Some believe is it used as mosquito repellent but others think it is to represent calmness.

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31 thoughts on “The Blue Pearl

  1. This is awesome. Blue is supposed to be a peaceful color, a calming color. I remembered that from school when I learned about colors. I love that the town painted it that color. Maybe they are very calm and happy people. I hope so. Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful place and as always you look beautiful. Until next time, Kathleen

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes that’s true. I too learnt that in school. Even in business school, blue was always the best color to use when trying to sell something apparently. Yes it is a choice of the locals and they are loyal to their blue, hence why they repaint it yearly. They certainly did seem happy and calm since that was the overall vibe of the village. You’re welcome. Thank you for reading and thanks for the ongoing kind words. Until next time-more Moroccan posts to come-Stay tuned!

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      1. You’re so welcome. That’s awesome. I love that they do that and repaint it that color every year. That’s awesome. Sounds like a fun place. I wish I could live there. That would be awesome. You’re so welcome my pleasure. I can’t wait to see these posts. Until next time.

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    1. Oui je voyages souvent, je prends beacoup de photos et donc j’ai tant a publier sur mon blog. Moi aussi, j’aime bien ce blue. C’est vraiment un beau pays a visiter qui offre de la culturem de l’archieture et des mets traditionnels. Oui je vais aller visiter le blog pout lire les aventures. Bon WE

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    1. Nice observation. I just checked the pics, maybe its done by hand so they can only reach so far. Just a guess. I too love blue. And the blue and white mix is nice. Same, I like the door too, probably why I photographed it and its look so steady lol!

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