Moroccan Style

Click here to view on original Evelina site DSCF1033

DSCF1035DSCF1036DSCF1037DSCF1039DSCF1040DSCF1041DSCF1052DSCF1054Intricate details and patternsDSCF1060

I really like the colors, shapes and swirls of this windowDSCF1062DSCF1063Flag of MoroccoDSCF1082


I would describe Moroccan style architecture as a variety of colors, decorated patterns and stunning detail. An architectural way like no other, Moroccan styles may vary but always remain astonishing and impressive. These particular prints are inspired by the Islamization during the Idrisid dynasty, the Moorish exiles from Spain and a little influence from France. The geometric design and the arabesque look are mostly inspired by Islamic art as they consist of rhythmic and sometimes abstract patterns. I was impressed by the sculpted ceilings and walls, the stained glass windows, grandness and shapes of the doors accompanied by an array of vivid colors. Everywhere I turn is a work of art.

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26 thoughts on “Moroccan Style

  1. Beautiful. You look great as always. I love you described everything. It’s so beautiful. I loved the pictures. I loved that window too you talked about. I love the colors and how light and open everything is. It’s awesome. Until next time, Kathleen

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    1. Thank you so so much for the ongoing positivity! I often feel as though I repeat myself, but I truly mean it when I say I appreciate your compliments. I too love the world of colors Moroccan architecture offers. Hope you will continue to enjoy the upcoming posts. So much culture and colors and shapes to come-Stay tuned!

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