Tangier at the beach

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DSCF0973DSCF0978DSCF0979DSCF0983DSCF0988DSCF0990DSCF0994DSCF0998Windy!DSCF0999DSCF1008DSCF1010DSCF1011DSCF1012DSCF1018DSCF1020Wearing: Forever 21 pants, Converse shoes and Michael Kors purse


The beach in Tangier is ever so lovely even on a rainy and grey day.  The town of Tangier is known as  ‘the door to Africa’ because of its location.  On sunny days, the beach is much more crowded as Tangier is known as a great beach town in Morocco. There are many beach clubs, popular cafes and discos.  My time at the beach was enjoying a simple and calm walk by the sea and trying to see European land from across which is apparently visible with a clear blue sky.

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30 thoughts on “Tangier at the beach

  1. Beautiful. You look lovely as always and very beautiful. I love your clothes. I love the pictures. I can’t wait to visit here. The beach is my favorite place in the whole world. Until next time, Kathleen


    1. Thank you very much as always. Thanks for always complimenting my photos, posts and me. I’m sure you will love if given the chance to visit Morocco. So much culture to appreciate and enjoy. I too love the beach, always have. Until next time

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