The colors of Tangier streets

View on original Evelina site DSCF0873The ancient wall of Tangier

DSCF0875DSCF0884DSCF0888DSCF0908DSCF0912DSCF0913DSCF0920DSCF0924DSCF0933DSCF0938DSCF0939DSCF0940DSCF0941DSCF0943DSCF1071Wearing: Forever 21 pants, Converse shoes and Michael Kors purse

Hello or should I say as the tour guide thought us in Morocco: “AssalamuAlaikum”

“Assalamu Alaikum: is an Arabic greeting meaning “peace be upon you” to which one would respond “Wa-Alaikum-Salaam,” meaning “And unto you peace”.

Tangier, the second city in Morocco I’ve put foot in but the first one I’ve visited and immersed myself in. As soon as I arrived in Tangier in north west Morocco, I quickly noticed typical Moroccan architecture. I saw it in the arches, the variety of colors and the decorated stunning patterns and details. No wonder Tangier is known for being a city of artists. Interestingly, Tangier is really close to Spain which is an entry point to Europe and vice versa.  The proximity allows for an interesting mix of culture, a little African and a little Spanish.  Tangier’s labyrinth alley ways were in the old quarter and included the Grand Mosque and typical Moroccan markets also called souks. Simply walking in these colorful streets while enjoying the sense of mystery in Tangier was sublime.

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20 thoughts on “The colors of Tangier streets

  1. Beautiful photos, love Tangier and the whole of Morocco. Visited there over 20 years ago now, might have to do another visit.. The weather looks very much like here in Wales though, wet and raining , would be like home from home 😀

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