Game of Thrones filming set-Dubrovnik

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To all the Game of Thrones TV show lovers, I dedicate this post to you. For those who don’t watch the show, the post will still be interesting as I continue to discover and explore Dubrovnik’s one and only walled city. (PS I have not seen Game of Thrones but was informed of its filming in this section of Dubrovnik’s walled city by the tour guide) dscf5400The dramatic and iconic stone staircase also known as the walk of shame in Game of Thrones or simply an amazingly grand staircase for those who don’t watch the show.dscf5401dscf5405I had fun walking the staircase with elegance and grace. dscf5406dscf5407dscf5408dscf5410dscf5414Taking this picture made me feel like a queen overlooking the walled city.dscf5416dscf5417dscf5418dscf5421dscf5422dscf5424Wearing: Zara top/bodysuit, Zara skirt, Zara sandals, Michael Kors and pearl bracelet & earrings


Dubrovnik is the main host city of the Game of Thrones TV show set. They relocate to Seville, Spain from time to time. Although I have not seen Game of Thrones, the walled city has become a popular tourist attraction especially since the show has been airing and I wanted to see the iconic filming sets.

Dubrovnik’s walled city is essentially Game of Throne’s King’s Landing and the Adriatic sea is Blackwater bay to fans of the show. (Click here to visit my Dubrovnik’s grand Limestone walls post for more on the walled city and click here for the  Walls & forts post to see more views of Blackwater bay)

This staircase is where the Cersei Lannister’s character walk of shame took place. The stone staircase is great for tourists as myself and many others to sit and hang out  to enjoy the day.

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11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones filming set-Dubrovnik

  1. I knew a former blogger who served as an extra for a shooting of GoT (he lives in Split), and he loved the experience – he’s a big movie/film nut, so he had fun. It definitely makes for interesting and lovely scenery, this place!


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