Croatia by the water

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dscf5275dscf5387dscf5388dscf5392dscf5393dscf5394dscf5396dscf5397dscf5398img_3603img_3644img_3677img_3678Wearing: Zara top/bodysuit, Zara skirt, Zara shoes, Pearl bracelet


An awesome afternoon spent by the water in Dubrovnik, Croatia. So much European sunshine. As everyone went kayaking on the Adriatic sea to see Dubrovnik walls from a different angle and to swim through caves, I did not want to row for 2 to 3 hours. Instead I gracefully and calmly enjoyed the sun by the sea. Asking kind strangers for photos and taking selfies, I had a fun time on my own.

I enjoyed every minute of it, there was a moment when it started to rain and thought to myself oh I hope it doesn’t get worse as there was no shelter. Soon enough the sun came back warm and shining and so I simply admired the fortification and waited for everyone to return. I’m glad I didn’t go kayaking as the main consensus was that it was straining on the arms, and as you can all imagine, I am not very strong so soaking up the sun certainly was the better option for me.

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18 thoughts on “Croatia by the water

  1. Beautiful post. I’m sorry I haven’t read your posts in a while. I’m computer died right before New Year’s Eve so until yesterday I didn’t have a computer. I will catch up on your blog posts. You look so beautiful. I look forward to reading your adventures. Until next time, Kathleen

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