Walls, forts & stones

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The Dubrovnik flag waves in the wind on a hot day.dscf5292View of Placa street from the top wallsdscf5296dscf5297The Placa street below while visiting the top walls of the ancient cityimg_3501Stone path way while visiting the top walls.dscf5299Top city walls- main tourist attractiondscf5307dscf5309dscf5325Uninterrupted walls for miles.dscf5326dscf5313dscf5340dscf5343Quadrilateral wallsdscf5346dscf5354dscf5359dscf5365Walls run uninterrupted creating the ancient city of Dubrovnikdscf5373Love the green shutters, they match my skirtdscf5376The circular Bokar fortressimg_3486img_3528Stone wallsimg_3545Wearing: Zara top/bodysuit, Zara skirt, Zara shoes and Michael Kors purse


After spending some time simply exploring the walled city in Dubrovnik, Croatia, it was time for the main attraction: more walls and forts but from the top. Once the entrance ticket was purchased, we got to the top and there was a path way made of stone from one end to another circulating the whole ancient walled city.

The views on the water from visiting the top walls certainly is an added featured that makes it worth while. Fascinating to see original towers, forts, defense stone walls,bastions still stand strong. The history of the fortification goes back to the middle ages, yet the structures are still impeccable.

Another riveting structure is the grand Bokar fortress, as beautiful as when it was originally built and still functional is situated in the south-west part of the walled city to protect and defend the Pile Gate. The fortification architectural beauty of the Bokar fortress lies in its cylindrical shape designed by Italy’s Bartololmeo of Florence.

Thick stones, houses, terracotta roof tops, sea and mountains all surround the walls& forts making the city all that more unique in its appearance. Who knew walls could be so beautiful and elegant even.

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    1. Thank you very much! I agree, it is indeed a beautiful city. Glad you love the pictures. I particularly like these picture and especially this outfit too just like you. Thank you again for complimenting the essence of the blog and me.

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