Walled city by night

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Exploring Dubrovnik’s walled city by night with my Iphone. I prefer Iphone photography for night shots. img_3394Selfie!img_3395Alleys in Old Town Dubrovnik.img_3396img_3398img_3399img_3400img_3402img_3404Main Square in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. img_3407img_3409img_3410img_3411img_3412img_3413Sat by the water for an hour or so to simply enjoy Dubrovnik’s beauty by night. img_3414img_3415img_3416img_3417img_3418Wearing: Zara dress, Zara shoes, Levi’s jean jacket, pearl bracelet and Michael Kors purse


These are the famous tall and medieval alleys of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. A night time glance at this one of a kind walled city.

This evening was about a calm stroll exploring the walk ways of the walled city. Many tourists still roam the streets and discover new angles of these unique, culturally rich and splendid scenes. There are few bars and clubs to be found in the Old Town but events such as festivals and live music cafes are also enjoyable.

Tonight in the Old Town was simply dedicated to enjoying its simple stones and fortress like architecture. History and guided tours are planned in the next few days.

No better way to end the night than with delicious Italian coffee gelato as we walk out of this European walled city and take a short cab ride to our hotel.

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