Hot afternoon in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia.img_3367Promenade at the old harbordscf5184

dscf5185dscf5186Cruising the Adriatic seadscf5188dscf5189Sea meets mountainsdscf5190dscf5192img_3390The horizon at the sun sets in Dubrovnik.dscf5197dscf5198dscf5200dscf5202dscf5205dscf5209img_3381Wearing: Zara dress, Levi’s jean jacket, Zara shoes, Michael Kors purse, Oliver People sun glasses.


Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. Lovely sea routes for beautiful panoramic scenic views.  An amazing afternoon well spent cruising the sea and an incredible evening having dinner while gazing at horizon as the sun sets over the mountains. A moment of pure bliss! Feeling the wind in my hair while enjoying the smooth motion of the waters and the stunning views of the Dalmatian coast as the sunset drops is simply sublime.

The cruise ended at Dubrovnik’s old harbor. The ambiance of the cruise was fantastic. After a perfectly relaxing afternoon & evening dinner at sea, we made of our way to the Old Town to walk through the tall and thick medieval walls of Dubrovnik.

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