Walking away from the bustling fast pace of the vibrant city to make my way to Split’s relaxing National park on Marjan hill. dscf5122dscf5123dscf5124Climbing the Marjan steps. Quite a difficult climb in the heat but the views are worth it.dscf5125dscf5126Surrounded by mountains, city & sea. Perfect!Breathtaking views of harbor surrounded by the Mediterranean pine forest.dscf5136img_3281Steps, steps and more steps. This time on my way back down.img_3283dscf5137Wearing:  Zara top, Zara jeans, Zara sandals, Zara jacket Michael Kors purse.


The Marjan hill situated in the center of Split Croatia is great for all nature lovers. Known as the lungs of Split above the harbor, the protected national park is great to relax, enjoy nature and allows tourist as well as locals to walk, run, climb, cycle and hike on its trails while overlooking the blue water of the sea. Although it can take hours to explore every angle of the hill, I love that benches are strategically placed with wonderful peaceful views.

The Marjan hill on the peninsula is a symbol of Split. I do not have the picture but the Croatian flag stands proud on the highest peak atop the hill. Used as an escape or break from the hectic city lifestyle, the hill’s beauty lies in the combination of pristine nature and Croatian culture. Let it be the green forests or the beauty of the sparkling blue sea together they represent beautiful Croatia.

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