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View from first leveldscf5079View from second level from terracedscf5083dscf5085dscf5087dscf5088dscf5089View from the highest level of the Split’s bell towerdscf5091dscf5092dscf5095dscf5096dscf5099dscf5100Romanesque style columsdscf5101dscf5102Wearing: Zara Jeans, Zara top, Zara jacket, Zara sandals, Michael Kors purse


As I wandered the alleyways of Split, I found myself in the city center, home to the catholic Saint Domnius cathedral. The church is a complex made from an Imperial Roman mausoleum with a connected bell tower. It is the oldest Catholic church in the world because it is the best preserved ancient Roman building meaning its still using the original structure.  With a cheap entry fee, climbing the bell tower of Split is one of the city’s must see highlights.

The Romanesque style of the bell tower is noticeable from miles away. Even more incredible are the views from the top of the tower. Althought the climb to the top is not for the faint of heart if you’re afraid of heights, the view is worth it. I would describe the old metal stairs as steep, wobbly and shaky, I could not look down, a total feeling of Vertigo!

On the hand, I did enjoy the steady levels getting to the top. For instance before getting to the daunting steps, I liked to take a break at each different level and enjoy the views from the terrace. The views got better as I went up a level. The top of the tower isn’t very spacious and while it can get crowded and hot as it is isn’t open air and there are many tourists, the best shots are taken from the side of the sea. I love the how mountain meets sea while all roof top tiles are terracotta orange. A memorable contrast to photograph.

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33 thoughts on “Tower

  1. Croatia is at the top of our list! And now I know that we need to climb the bell tower 😀 What incredible views you showed, just breathtaking!


    1. Good choice. Croatia is worth visiting. Every city has a different look and each more interesting than the last. I’ve visited Split and Dubrovnik and loved them both. I hear Hvar and Zagreb are beautiful too. Yes the bell tower is worth it, the view is incredible especially on a beautiful day. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post. More on Croatia to come, new post every Friday-Stay tuned!

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        1. Oh okay well I don’t think I went there but The Marjan steps are just a few blocks from city center and surrounded by beautiful greenery. That’s why I thought it may have been close. Good to know for next time.


  2. I have climbed so many towers and the views never get old. Even going up the same structure, at different times of day or in different seasons, creates an entirely new experience. Split is yet another lovely place.


    1. I agree. Top views are almost always breathtaking. I agree, a view can vary from time of the day. I would loved to be at the top at of this tower for sunrise or sunset. I bet the pic would be amazing. I agree Split is great- more posts to come-Stay tuned!


    1. Thank you so much. I too loved Split and I agree, different vibe from Dubrovnik. It was quite energy consuming to climb especially since it was so hot out and the area was very crowded but the view was worth it. I enjoyed walking Split city.

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