Where to next?

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Can you guess where I am before the end of the photos?dscf5048dscf5050dscf5053Fortress walldscf5054Alleysdscf5058dscf5059Diocletian Palacedscf5061Houses, restaurants & shopsdscf5069dscf5071Just a little too much shade for a clear photo, but I liked it anyway.

dscf5075dscf5076dscf5108dscf5110dscf5111dscf5112Wearing: Zara Jeans, Zara top, Zara jacket, Zara sandals, Michael Kors purse

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Split a Dalmatian city by the eastern shore of the Adriatic sea in Croatia. That’s right, I am in stunning Croatia. Split is a city  where ancient and modern blend so nicely. A mix of old Roman monuments in the midst of  shops, hotels, houses, restaurants and even bars. Within the old white stone walls, tourist can navigate through the alleys and visit cathedrals and palaces. Split’s fortress like complex gives insight on the Dalmatian way of life and is also home to the Diocletian Palace, now recognized as A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Palace of Diocletian is a historical complex in Split city center. Initially intended as a retirement center for Roman Emperor Diocletian but was used for personal use and for the military. Today, the palace is filled with tourists and who enjoy spending some time appreciating the art of the fortress.

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49 thoughts on “Where to next?

  1. Yay, you’re in Croatia!!! 😀 I’m 1/4 Croatian, which is the part of me where my name comes from (the rest of me is Slovak). I have been to Croatia, but only to Zagreb; I wonder if you’ll visit there, too? Wonderful city! I only wish that I had stayed longer… as with any great place we all visit, right? 🙂

    Split is on my to-visit list for places in Croatia. Great photos as always!


    1. Yessss I am!! Cool! Hope your Croatian heritage will make you enjoy the coming posts on my blog. I hope I make it justice by portraying the beauty of Croatia. When in Croatia I spent my time in Split and Dubrovnik, I had not visited Zagreb but I heard it is beautiful. Right! I agree, I wish I’d stayed longer in both of the cities I just mentioned. Cool place for your bucket list. Thank you for complimenting my photos. More to come-Stay tuned!


      1. Weird week… I think. Kicking goals. Had my chart read by an astrologer from Sussex. Good value. Good person. Felt a bit sore this week but paradise compared to things I have been through.
        I recommend seeing the new Thor film.


          1. I probably should be working on word documents more than going to films. Hopefully I get a bit more done on at least one project tonight. Tends to be silly season a bit too so I tend to get called out a bit if people still not out of the woods yet get into trouble. Going to be hot this summer. We can get over 40°C easily.


          2. OMG! I can only wonder. I have never seen snow. I have always been in the northern hemisphere only in their summer. I love the constellations in the northern skies… and Orion is the proper way up for you guys ♏


          3. Would love to be in the northern hemisphere seeing history under my feet that is in the modern psyche the world over. We are certainly living in fascinating chapters of the earth.
            I hope you are writing a few words daily.
            The Uranus transit of Aries will be done in 6 months and with it we should see the new regime in Saudi smoothing the corners of too long of fire and brimstone.
            Uranus in Taurus will bring something gentler globally for the next 5 or 6 years. Good for people to travel and do business.

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  2. In the first photo, I thought it was one of the South American countries. Then I saw the cobbled stones and I thought maybe one of the Greek islands. Never would have thought it would be Croatia.

    Great photos!

    Btw, love your lace top. =)


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