ANZAC: Australia and New Zealand Army Corps

ANZAC day celebrated April 25

dscf0638dscf0639The Sphinx, the battlefield’s landmark. The Turks hid behind and shot as soliders arrived closer to shore. dscf0641dscf0644dscf0646dscf0648Touching memorial at Anzac Cove. dscf0654dscf0659dscf0660dscf0661dscf0664dscf0671dscf0690dscf0696Wearing: Top shop dress,  Zara jacket, Michael Kors purse, Tod’s shoes and RayBan sunnies


I boarded the ferry from the Cannakale port, the gateway to the Gallipoli battlefields. Today was a day spent to commemorate those who served and died. A bloody battle is was. In 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers with lacking intelligence arriving from the Gallipoli peninsula failed to foresee the fierce Turkish resistance. As the Turks hid behind the Sphinx rock, the soldiers arriving from the peninsula had no idea an army was hiding behind the mountain. Using the Sphinx as sheild,  the Turks killed many soldiers while still on their ships. It is said that the water at shore was red, covered in blood for the following days. Hence a bloody battle.This was one of the greatest successes of the Ottoman victories of the first World War but a tragedy for soldiers.

ANZAC is a national day of remembrance in Australia & New Zealand. Each year on April 25th Australia and New Zealand commemorate those who fought against the Turks in World War I and lost their lives.

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35 thoughts on “ANZAC

    1. Thank you again. Sure is a place worth visiting, just one fairy ride away from Cannakale city. Turkey is a beautiful country with so many cities to see, explore and discover. You’re welcome, glad you liked the pictures and were moved by the history. Thank you for complimenting me. Always nice to hear. Until next time

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    1. You’re very welcome. The history is horrific but the scenery surely is beautiful. Thank you for complimenting me, always much appreciated. Agreed, I love the back of that dress. You’re welcome, glad you enjoy reading my weekly post. More to come-Stay tuned

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