TROY from the Trojan War. The ancient city of TROY.dscf0569

Walls of the acropolis in the ancient city of Troy. dscf0576dscf0579dscf0581dscf0582I climbed to the top.dscf0586

Waterfront in Canakkaledscf0592dscf0593dscf0599TROY structure in Canakkale towndscf0603dscf0607Wearing: Zara top, Lacoste shorts, Michael Kors bag, Tod’s shoes and Oliver Poeple sunnies.


The world famous ancient city of TROY is in the northwestern part of the Anatolian region in Turkey.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, the TROY visit allows tourists to see the remnants of the ancient city. The surviving trace of the past inform on the Trojan War and ancient Greek literature.

The first TROY structure in the photos is from visiting the ruins of the ancient city. (Can only be seen upon purchase for the ancient city of TROY.) The second one is a replica in the harbor town of Canakkale.  The former has a more interesting look.

Canakkale is a busy port with a wonderfully blue waterfront promenade. Restaurants have terraces, offering a great view while dinning.

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44 thoughts on “TROY

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  2. Thank you. You said this was coming. Fantastic. Looks incredible. Would like to go there.
    Hope all else is going well 🎠🖋♃♏


      1. Nice to hear you are still around. I have been into Homer and the surrounding myth and legend my whole life. In my history studies, Classical is possibly a favorite or very near the top.
        Always enjoy reading about your travels. Hope you’re ok and that everything is good where you are.


          1. Cheers. 1630 Friday here. My mate from Sydney is staying at mine tonight before meeting up with his girl in Tasmania in a few days. They live in the middle of Sydney and I don’t know why she’s not coming to Melbourne too.
            Spring racing carnival here right now. You would like the fashion here this time of year.
            Look forward to reading more of your work 🍏☕🏆🏇


          2. Just past midnight here, Friday morning. Fashion here this time of year is layering up as winter is slowly approaching and weather gets colder by the day. Last Turkey post and one last Turkey video this week until new destination.


          3. Spring here is very erratic this year. Most odd pattern. A lot of change happening worldwide. Obviously a few global affairs and themes relate to the last blog that I had to take down. Got to pay the bills. Quite a few things several of us were saying for several decades regarding several industries are now beginning to VANQUISH the DEMONS.
            Have a great fortnight with the waning moon my friend.
            Remember it is the rage of Achilles, not anger 😄

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