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A very hot day at Ephesus.dscf0524dscf0535dscf0538dscf0539dscf0544dscf0547The Celsus Librarydscf0550dscf0551dscf0561The delicate architecture is both majestic and magnificent. Simply exquisite! dscf0562dscf0563Wearing: Editorial skirt, Forever 21 top, Converse shoes, Michael Kors purse and Oliver People sunnies.


A very hot day in Ephesus. Note to self: visit ruins in early morning otherwise the 2-3 hours stroll becomes exhausting.

Ephesus is the grandest, best preserved and most complete classical ruin. It is an ancient city located in central Aegean, Selcuk, Turkey. The excavated ruins of Ephesus are a reflection of centuries of history from the Greco- Roman empire. Ancient Ephesus was once a strong trading city.

The Library of Celsus is the most photographed and most beautiful structure of Ephesus. The original majestic architecture has been incredibly well restored. I wish got closer to the art to photograph its essence. I would have photographed the three entrances and the exquisite intricate detail. I would have also liked to photograph the four delicate statues together and individually. The statues symbolize: wisdom, valor, intelligence and knowledge, all virtues of Celsus the great.

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22 thoughts on “Ephesus

  1. Ephesus is certainly a must, for anyone visiting Turkey. Your photos are exquisite. Yes, being in the heart of another rather hot area that is rich in ruins, I would definitely champion an early morning visit.


  2. Many memories of Ephesus. An amazing place, and in the footsteps of St.Paul, which always captures the imagination. Thanks for the reminder
    i always liked picking out the reminders of daily life like the directions to the brothel!

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