Isa Bey mosque & St-John basilica

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Isa Bey mosque and St-John basilica are side by side religious landmarks In Selcuk, Turkey.

The elaborate IsaBey mosque entrance with Arabic mastery and local Selcuk designs. dscf0425

Pretty courtyard inside the mosque. dscf0436dscf0437

Entering St-John’s basilica, a Christian Pilgrimage.dscf0447dscf0458dscf0459dscf0462dscf0464dscf0466dscf0468dscf0471Isa Bey Mosque view from St-john Basilica. dscf0472dscf0475Wearing: Local shop dress, Converse shoes and Michael Kors purse.


The heart of Selcuk, Turkey is home to both the Isa Bey mosque and St-John’s basicila. Both sacred destinations, for some a place of worship and for others impressive tourist attractions.

The Isa Bey mosque is a beautiful example of delicate Selcuk architecture. With two center domes resting on marble columns and two lateral aisle, the Isa Bey mosque is one of a kind. Although it has preserved its beauty throughout the centuries, due to earthquakes and lightening, the minarets of the mosque suffered damage. The free visit to Isa Bey allows the tourists to see its impressive architecture and to stroll thought the oldest mosque courtyard.

The St-John basilica, located on the neighboring hill, has been dedicated to Apostle John. Although only ruins remain, St-John was once one of the largest and most important churches because it is said John Apostle has been buried here.

Visiting  the Isa Bey mosque and the skeleton of St-John basilica was informative. My favorite part was the hill top views from St-John basilica overlooking Isa Bey mosque and the greenery of the surrounding valley.

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