Ancient city on Hot Springs

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Hierapolis is an ancient city situated on top of the Hot Springs/ Cotton castle. (Last week most for more on the Cotton Castle.)dscf0222dscf0224dscf0225dscf0237Monumental arcsdscf0241dscf0245dscf0289Grand theaterdscf0291dscf0292dscf0300dscf0301dscf0303

Thermal Spadscf0310Wearing: Dress from a local shop, Converse shoes, Oliver People sun glasses and Michael Kors purse.


Hierapolis in Pamukkale Turkey, is a combination of ruins, temples, Greek monuments and baths of the Roman period. Now recognized as a UNESCO World Heriatge Site, Hierapolis is visited by many tourists yearly. The monumental Roman architecture was established by the dynasties and Kings of the time.

The grand theater overlooking the plain was in my opinion the most impressive.

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27 thoughts on “Ancient city on Hot Springs

  1. This isn’t just a trip to a place, but also to a time period long gone; and to architectural creations that almost seem indestructible and timeless. Thanks for taking us there with such beautiful photos.


  2. I am loving all of that ancient stonework! It always amazes me that such structures were built with such human strength and no heavy machinery like what we have today.

    Thank you for sharing, as always!


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