Divine Dalyan

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Divine Dalyan is a laid back village with beautiful waterways in Turkey.dscf0067

Cruising the Dalyan river2015-07-18-13-29-49dscf0074

Path on the way to Dalyan’s mud bath.( I didn’t bring my camera with me to photograph the peculiar experience of bathing in warm mud with tens of other people)dscf0082

Back on the river that flows through Dalyandscf0083dscf0106

Sea turtlesdscf0124

Dalyan beachdscf0132

Golden ornate Lycian tombs circa 400 BCdscf0142

Restaurants & Barsdscf0144dscf0146dscf0150Wearing: Forever 21 skirt, Crop Top from editorial, Michael Kors purse.


Divine Dalyan is a relaxing village on the coast of Turkey. In Turkish Dalyan means fishing weir.  As we cruised on the Dalyan river, I loved the warm wind through my hair while appreciating the golden ancient tombs beautifully carved on the cliff.

As for the mud bath experience, it is said Cleopatra frequented them in Dalyan for skin beautification. I personally did not enjoy the experience but at least my skin got a “cleanse.”

The afternoon was spent on the boat and hanging by the beach. The water was both refreshing and filled with waves. Later we wondered the promenade and did some local shopping before heading to dinner.

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22 thoughts on “Divine Dalyan

  1. Clear blue sky, green water, sunny day. Who can ask for anything more? OK may be a boat of your own. But we may have settle for less sometimes. Great pictures.


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