9000 Thank you, thank you!

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One year of blogging and 9000 + of you!

All I want to say is Thank you!

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your readership

  • special thank you to the loyal weekly readers

Thank you for your comments and compliments

Thank you for all uplifting and motivating words

Thank you for your interest in my travels, my writings, my outfits and me.

You can also find me on Instagram at @evelinadilauro for more travel photos.

I am currently posting pictures of beautiful Italy on my Instagram. Click here to check it out and enjoy the feed!

Once again, thank you!

Below you will find a series of my favorite photos from the past year featured on Evelina.

Until next time,


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43 thoughts on “9000 Thank you, thank you!

          1. Always. Reminds me of studying renaissance Italy. As I won’t be travelling again for a while…
            Thanks also for the cyber friendship and kindness over time. Blessings always


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