Turkish Delights

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A collection of photos that I could only describe as being Turkish Delights. dscf0055dscf0079dscf0119dscf0138dscf0161dscf0217dscf0427dscf0440dscf0441dscf0478dscf0479dscf0483dscf0484dscf0502dscf0504dscf0505dscf0506dscf0515dscf0517dscf0518dscf0727dscf8937dscf8939dscf9033dscf9082dscf9415dscf9453dscf9612dscf9792dscf9794dscf9841dscf9866dscf9894dscf9919dscf9921dscf9940


Here is a selection of my favorite photos from Turkey that embody the essence of the country and its culture.  From colorful lanterns to spices to blue waters to rock formations to stray dogs to mosques, this is what I captured through my lenses to describe the beauty that is Turkey.

Above are some of my many photos that are not categorized but simply aroused my sense of wonder and curiosity during my travels in Turkey. It is through my photos that I forever keep with me the memories of my travels. For me, not only does a picture speak a 1000 words but it is a memory forever made that can be interpreted differently by each viewer. One of the many reason I take so many pictures is because I love to look back at the pictures months/years later.  I also like to keep the natural photo and I tend to stay away form filters in order to keep its authenticity regardless of imperfection.

That’s a rap for this Turkish delights. More on Turkey next week.

Until next time,

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30 thoughts on “Turkish Delights

    1. Yes indeed! I think it is the colors and designs that add to the enchantment. Thank you, the hat surely was my ‘it’ item during my time in Turkey. Glad you enjoy my photos as much as I love taking them and pleased to hear it enhances your day. 🙂

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