Pretty KeKova

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The Kekova marina is where many yachts and boats dock to visit this fishing village.  dscf9979

Dinner soon to be served.dscf9981dscf0003 dscf9983The fushia flowers match my shoes.dscf9984dscf9987dscf9992dscf0004

Love the touch of pink in this picture.dscf0006dscf0008dscf0011dscf0012dscf0014dscf0016

So pretty! dscf9999dscf0019dscf0021Dinner was delicious.dscf0022Wearing: Top from Garage, Forever 21 skirt, Tods shoes and Micheal Kors purse.


The photos sum up an incredible evening and overnight stay in pretty Kekova in the Antalya province of Turkey. Known for rustic and lovely look, Kekova is a great place to relax and appreciate the calm yet delightful sound of silence.

This fishing and farming village is simply beautiful especially by the coastline. The touch of pink and purple in their choice of flowers is one of the reasons I think Kekova is so delicately pretty.  The sunken historic ruins are the main attraction of this town but we opted for a wonderful laid back stay. We wandered the winding archways of the coastal village, visited the local shops and had seafood for dinner on board our boat. The freshly fished fish was delicious, a delicacy of this island.

Later, after dinner, we simply spent a good night on the boat, music and chats. We spent the night at sea and slept under the stars. Luckily is was warm enough to do so, I was so tired I got one good glimpse at the stars and feel soundly asleep and woke up the next morning to the call of prayer at dawn.

The next few days were spent cruising Turkey’s crystal clear waters.

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