Turkish Waters

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Turkish waters are beautiful waters. dscf0025Every boat in Turkey carries the Turkish flag. dscf9883dscf9913dscf9916dscf9920Boating daydscf9929Turquoise watersdscf9933dscf9942dscf9943dscf9951dscf9953dscf9960dscf9962dscf9967Sunset in Turkeydscf9971dscf9972Wearing: Navy Ralph Lauren polo dress, RayBan sunnies and Pink Tod’s shoes.


These are the spectacular blue waters of beautiful Turkey. These are the crystal clear waters Turkey is known for. They are incredible and they do not disappoint. We boarded the boat from Olympos to make our way to the village of Kekova. As we journeyed, we stopped a few times to appreciate the fascinating turquoise views. Other times we paused to jump in and go for a swim which was both refreshing and fun.

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41 thoughts on “Turkish Waters

      1. Lovely. The water etc… reminds me of the scenery at the end of a James Bond film… Never Say Never Again.
        They went to the well of Beer Sheeba.
        Our Light Horse Brigade charged that well successfully in World War 1 cutting off the Turks supply. We had about 100 light horsemen who were not regarded as soldiers or even cavalry. They were country boys, sons of farmers. It was the last mounted cavalry charge in history. The Turkish soldiers hurried to get their boots off so they could run away faster. Fact.
        Our boys were without water and what they had left they gave to their horses before possible death. We did not lose 1 life and one horse was injured and recovered.
        We love a fight and we will die for our women, children, and animals.
        Cheaters can their drugs and money still.
        Blessed be


          1. More or less. We still have a light horse division for ceremony. It is more the history of our farming people, especially the high country.
            Google… Banjo Paterson, James Hird, Nathan Buckley, Sir John Monash of Jerilderie, NSW.


          2. Enjoy. Having breakfast in a hipster place where they’ve overridden old culture and values with money from passing tests and conforming for rewards… like good looking monkeys. Contempt prior to investigation has kept them going until they start hurting each other. Not many survive rock bottom. I have got some wretches eating breakfast again here over the years. Lol
            We survive.
            Have a great day 😄


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