Burning Fires

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Heading to dinner and then hiking up the slopes of Mount Olympos to see the spectacle of flames. dscf9854dscf9855dscf9856dscf9864dscf986520150715_21320220150715_21320620150715_21345020150715_21351220150715_21552220150715_21561911737827_10153394377391181_332224484482732070_nWearing: H&M turquoise shorts, Forever 21 salmon colored blouse, Forever 21 shoes, RayBan sunnies and Michael Kors purse.


For dinner I had a traditional Turkish kebab dish. Although it was delicious,  the portion was enormous and I realised eating so much pork on a really hot and humid evening is somehow exhausting. Thankfully the air cooled off as we hiked Mount Olympos in the dark to see the spectacle of Chimaera.

The spectacle of Chimaera is a mysterious natural phenomenon where flames emerge from the cracks in the rock. Many people were at the top of the mountain to see the burning fires, some enjoyed the star filled night sky, others sang and played the guitar and I fell asleep.  Even if I was lying on rock, I found a curved area, used my purse as a pillow and somehow made myself comfortable. I think the stars, the delicate heat from the flames and the sound of smooth music after a heavy meal just got me snoozing. In the last picture we see me right before my rocky nap.

The burning fires were really impressive to see because no one knows why methane and other gases rise from the rock creating eternal flames. The pictures show some of the flames but seeing the fire in real is so much cooler! One of those things that are better in real than photographed.

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Join me on Instagram, my username is: @evelinadilauro



26 thoughts on “Burning Fires

    1. So amazing, so spectacular! I particularly loved that some flames would come and go, others would flame up big and fast while other barely were lit and nobody knows why this mountain has this natural phenomenon. Just a cool thing of life! You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed this post.

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