Olympos Beach

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Olympos, where the Mediterranean coast and forested mountains come together to create a beautiful and calm beach.dscf9802Walking to Olympos beachdscf9803dscf9804dscf9805dscf9806dscf9810

Pebbled beachdscf9811Sea and richly forested mountains marry creating fabulous and relaxing views. dscf9828dscf9830dscf9831Green and blue are so nice together. dscf9835dscf9847dscf985020150715_11421320150715_11453220150715_11510520150715_115252Ice cream served in a melon.20150715_161922Wearing: Forever 21 dress and blue Zara shoes.


Today was a relaxed day at the beach in Olympos Turkey. Olympos is a secluded village with many tourists looking for a relaxing stay. We woke up and headed straight to the beach. The day was spent soaking up the sun, bathing in the Mediterranean sea, talking with locals, ice cream and simply enjoying  the Anatolian landscape.

The lush greenery is what makes this beach different, more calming and isolated than any other I’ve visited.

Until next time,

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44 thoughts on “Olympos Beach

    1. Thank you so much! I agree, you have described it perfectly, the mountains add such beauty to this beach. Cool, pleased to know my photos have inspired your future ice cream serving, it will be both delicious and refreshing. You’re welcome, glad you continuously enjoy my posts.

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for letting me walk the beach with you through your pictures. They are beautiful and wonderful pictures. I love them. The ice cream in the melon does look delicious. I love it. You look glorious. Can’t wait for the next adventure. See you next time!

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      1. Homer. Classical history. Narrative that is the basis of western civilization. Most enjoying it don’t 😋
        Hope you’re going well xx


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