Rocky Hike in the Valley

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Last day in Cappadocia, Goreme Turkey. dscf9752Hiking through the valleydscf9753dscf9756Natural rock formation due to volcanic erosion also called the pigeon caves of Cappadocia.dscf9757dscf9758dscf9759dscf9760dscf9761dscf9764I was much higher than it looks on picture. dscf9768Just me and nature, so relaxing! dscf9770dscf9771dscf9777dscf9781Refreshing break in the valley with fabulous views. My freshly pressed orange juice was delicious.dscf9785

The cafe shop from behind as we continued our trekking tour. dscf9787Wearing: Lululemon jacket and pants, blue Zara top, Michael Kors purse and Oliver People sun glasses.


On my last day in Cappadocia Turkey, I opted for a trekking tour in the beautiful valleys. Although it was a very hot day, visiting the pigeon caves by foot and enjoying nature in all its essence was a great way to end my stay in this region before heading to the next one.

I wore a full body covering outfit because I don’t mind the heat but mainly because  I didn’t want my skin to touch the plants as there were poison ivy warnings- No thank you, I want to enjoy the rest of my trip!

The hike break at the local cafe situated in between caves in the valley was a great way to sit and admire the nature surrounding us. I remember telling myself while I sipped on my freshly pressed orange juice, and looking at the views, that this was a really nice calm moment. We were served by a kind Turkish man and his cute 5 year old son, making this a lovely Turkish experience. When travelling I love to enjoy local shops and support small businesses as they usually offer great traditional delicacies and affordable prices.

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31 thoughts on “Rocky Hike in the Valley

          1. Always. No hidden meanings. An interesting blog about places by a thorough and informative writer.
            Been a good year for working out my own writing path.
            Blessed be 🤕😹

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    1. Yes it certainly does. I surely did experience the fullness of Cappadocia and yes me too. I found that small businesses in Turkey offered quality for a good price. I don’t particularly love hiking but I enjoyed this unique landscape!

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