Up in the air

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I loved photographing many hot air balloons in the air at once with a clear blue sky. I think it’s such a nice picture.dscf9655

Up in the air we go!dscf9660

Miles and miles of Turkey’s countryside fields and me.dscf9673dscf9675dscf9676dscf9677

Cappadocia’s beautiful and natural rock formations from the hot air balloon. dscf9681dscf9687

Looks like the white and green hot air balloon is resting on my head! hahadscf9692dscf9695

Picture of a Polaroid picture with hot air balloons in the background. dscf9696dscf9706

Top view photo from my hot air balloon of the natural rock erosion.dscf9714dscf9717dscf9730

Selfie!dscf9731Wearing: Black hat and Zara jean jacket


My first hot air balloon was so fun! So glad I did it at dawn in wonderful Cappadocia Turkey, one of the best places in the world for this adventure. So happy the winds permitted the flight this morning and overall a much more calm experience than I expected. I would describe it as flying over amazing panoramas in a large basket while being up in the air,  500 to 1000 meters from the ground.

This was a one hour hot air balloon ride allowing enough time to appreciate the unique views from the air. I truly enjoyed seeing many hot air balloons drifting in the air at the same time over the rock formation landscape, the fairy chimneys, the charming valleys and hills of the region.

Upon landing, everyone in the basket had to hold on tightly because it was quite bumpy. Once landed, all passengers celebrated the flight with a glass of champagne and we received the Voyager Balloon certificate. YAY!

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54 thoughts on “Up in the air

  1. Beautiful! I’m so glad this was such a wonderful experience for you. I can’t wait to to go Turkey and do this. Thanks for the pictures. They are beautiful and awesome. Thanks for letting me tag along. See you next time my friend. You look beautiful as always.

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