Morning in Cappadocia

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Early morning to watch the sunrise in Cappadocia! dscf9629Golden hourdscf9634dscf9636Getting ready to drive to the fieldsdscf9638dscf9639dscf9640Hot air balloon inflation. dscf9647dscf9649In the middle of Turkey’s countryside waiting for our hot air balloon to be ready for take off. dscf9650dscf9651dscf9653Wearing: ASOS dress, Zara jean jacket/ shirt, Michael Kors bag.


As I woke up early this morning in Cappadocia Turkey, I was so excited for my first hot air balloon adventure. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!  It was lovely to watch the sunrise as we drove  to Turkey’s countryside fields while hearing the muezzin’s southing call of prayer on our way to where our hot air balloon would take off. With the effort of a team of experts to get our Voyager Balloon ready for lift, I never thought this is how its done.

There were many other multicolored hot air balloons taking flight while our red one was in the process of inflation. Quite a unique view as they all fly together over Cappadocia’s natural landscape.

I loved when the man responsible turned on the fire for the balloon, it created warmth around us on a calm & cold summer morning. Luckily the weather permitted for our adventure to happen as it almost got cancelled due to inconvenient winds. So cool that our balloon had a cute smiley face to be seen only from the inside!

Until next time,

….when I’ll up in the air




48 thoughts on “Morning in Cappadocia

  1. Hello my friend. This is beautiful. I think this is my favorite post of your trips so far. I love the pictures. I love that dress you are wearing. It’s just beautiful. You look great. Thanks for letting travel along with you. I enjoyed it immensely. See you next time!

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    1. Hello, hello! Thank you. Oh wow, glad you like it that much. I love the dress too, I opted for a long dress because it was quite chilly that morning. Thanks for all your compliments, next week post will be about my time up in the air in the hot air balloon-Stay tuned!

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      1. You’re welcome. I’m glad that you did. I like to wear things that cover me when it’s cold like that in the morning. You’re welcome my beautiful friend. Awesome. I can’t wait. I look forward to seeing it and experiencing it with you.

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    1. Thank you so much! Glad you think so. The feeling was surreal because it feels like being in a basket but up in the air while feeling as though your floating on air. Next week post will show cast photos of my time up in the air. -Stay tuned!


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