Join me on Instagram @evelinadilauro


Join my blog on Instagram @evelinadilauro

So I got the crazy idea of joining Instagram!Β What have I been waiting for? I’m both excited and nervous to be on this platform but I think it will be a great addition & extension to my blog Evelina.Β 


To begin,I will be posting pictures of Italy. Bare with me as I find my place in the world of Instagram.

I will keep the same format as my blog: scenery Β & me!

Any ideas, suggestions & tips to engage?

Until next time,

follow me username: Β @evelinadilauro



46 thoughts on “Join me on Instagram @evelinadilauro

      1. Sounds great. You photo well so no doubt you will have plenty of followers. Hey… why are so many Canadians getting around the world lately and being active in humanitarian things? I have noticed many here then seeing more elsewhere

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        1. Well thank you! I hope for it to be successful so yes, in today’s world that means many followers. Let’s see how it goes. Very true, I too have noticed that and funny you mention that today, I have been thinking of doing some volunteering in the next years. I don’t know why but maybe the saying Canadians are so nice is true and that extends to humanitarian work. I myself would love to do such work sometime.

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          1. I think more so that you guys may be smart? Not you aren’t nice… except when you’re mean of course…. πŸ˜―πŸ˜ΆπŸ™ƒ baffles me. The world is awakening again. Glad you are in it and going well

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          2. True, Canada is the most educated country in the world. More than 50% of population holds a University degree or equivalent. Hopefully more of the world awakens to give a helping hand in countries/situations that are in need. yes doing well, thank you, hope all is well with you


          3. That is something to be proud of. It wouldn’t surprise me if the only people needing guns were farmers and official armed services… and that they also knew how to use them and store them. You guys may indeed be a bigger threat to global peace… I mean economy… that the dude with the terrible hairstyle.

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