Honey fairy chimney


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The honey colored fairy chimneys are another attraction to enjoy in a small local Turskish town. dscf9570dscf9571dscf9577dscf9578dscf9594dscf9579dscf9581dscf9583dscf9584dscf9590dscf9592dscf9593dscf9596dscf9573Wearing:Forever 21 top, Dynamite pants, Michael Kors purse, Hat


Goreme’s countryside honey fairy chimneys is also called the Love Valley. This is probably because of the phallic look and shape of some of these natural rock formations. When up close, one can see the thick horizontal lines created by the erosion. Some larger than others, but in every case a geologic process taking millions of years to erode and creating a cap on some pillars.

I visited this natural wonder in the summer but the love valley is known to be incredibly beautiful in the winter when covered with a layer of light and freshly fallen white snow.

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