Turkey Trekking

Another day exploring and discovering the gems of Cappadocia by foot. dscf9463dscf9465The Evil Eye Tree  or  nazar boncuğu – sybolized to reject all greed and envy in both the Turkish and Greek culturesdscf9469dscf9476dscf9541dscf9543Cappadocia from the topdscf9546Never ending road through the mountainsdscf9554Beautiful natural Turkish landscape on a nice sunny afternoondscf9556dscf9557dscf9560dscf9562dscf9563Wearing: Hat from Garage, Forever 21 top, Dynamite pants, Converse shoes, Michael Kors purse, Oliver People sunnies.


Another day in Cappadocia, Turkey. Today I opted to trek in the area. Continuing to see man made caves, enjoying the unique landscape with the incredible top views is what made my day. A repeated sequence of fabulous Turkish views to photograph, my favorite!

Although it was a hot day, the weather was just perfect with a light breeze to enjoy trekking to the top of this mountain to appreciate such amazing panoramas of Cappadocia natural beauty.

Just another simple day spent in wonderful Turkey.

Until next time,

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52 thoughts on “Turkey Trekking

  1. Beautiful pictures, I am always in love with the creation of Mother Nature. We recently drove through West Virginia and Alabama in the US. Loved the mesmerizing mountain terrains and lakes.


    1. Thank you very much. Glad you think so and thanks for complimenting my outfit. So appreciated. I checked out your blog. Keep it up! I love Italy … as seen on my blog in the Italy section


    1. There certainly is much to explore in this town. So much scenery and history. I spent a couple of nights there and was happy to get to the next city but it would be good for a month vacation. Great place to relax and enjoy beautiful calmness while surrounded by unique nature.


      1. You are welcome. I love to travel so anytime some posts about their trips whether it’s you going to Turkey or just someone walking through their neighbor I love to read and go alone with you or whoever is posting. I read your words, their words and see your pictures and theirs and I enjoy it. I feel like I’ve been there right with you and them. It’s a wonderful experience for me. I love to meet new people and this is a very exciting way for me to do that. Keep up the great work on the posts. I love them and I look forward to the next one.


        1. Oh so sweet. Makes my blogging experience even more meaningful. I love to read people travel posts too.I like reading their point of a view of places I’ve visited and I love discovering new places I have yet to go.

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