Istanbul bazaar video


Here is a glimpse of me in the outdoor part of the grand bustling bazaar in the heart of Istanbul.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey is one of the biggest and oldest markets. I would describe it as one of the most exciting and unique shopping experiences. This video is the outside part of the bazaar.

More mini videos of my travels available on my YouTube Channel


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51 thoughts on “Istanbul bazaar video

  1. As another commenter said here, I hope you’ve had Turkish Coffee while there. I make it all the time and it’s probably my favorite kind of coffee! I drink full American-size mugs of it, it’s that awesome to me 😀

    fun video!


    1. Haha I just responded, I never actually got to try the Turkish coffee. I always opted for tea instead. I kinda wish I had tried it now. I think I’ll do like you and try it out here and see if I like the taste.



    1. While in Turkey, I was more the kind of person who enjoyed traditional Turkish tea instead of coffee. I never got went about trying it especially since it was so hot during my time there. But I do feel as though I missed out, oh well next time. I think I’ll do like you, try to make it at home and try it. I’m curious to see if I’ll like it.

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      1. At least you tried the tea. Most important you were there and had a great vacation. What was the tea like? I live in a Middle Eastern neighborhood in Brooklyn. I’ve had Moroccan green tea with mint but no place here serves Turkish tea.


        1. Yeah I had the tea quite regularly. It is served often as complimentary with meals when the weather is warm as it apparently evens the temperature of the body. Which is great for hot days. It tastes like regular tea, sometimes a little bitter so I would have it with a bit of sugar. I prefer it over the Moroccan one, as with the mint taste I feel you can’t have as much as the regular tasting one.

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        1. It was full of tourists when I was there. I don’t know if the situation has changed. In my time in Istanbul and the rest of Turkey I have never questioned my safety. It was a very calm and beautiful a country to visit, as you will see in the future posts on my blog.

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