Life in Taksim Square, Istanbul , Turkey. A glimpse into Istanbul’s most chaotic, full of hustle & bustle yet interestingly artistic & leisurely district. dscf9254Taksim from a distancedscf9256dscf9260Taksim in the background with the waving Turkish flag

dscf9270Taksim Tower dscf9274dscf9276dscf9278Pedestrian avenues

dscf9280dscf9282Lively Street music

dscf9285dscf9287dscf9288dscf9289Love this graffiti art on the right wall

dscf9292So many people, typical summer day in Taksim, Istanbul! dscf9293dscf9294dscf9296Tram wagon moving concertdscf9301


Welcome to  Taksim, Istanbul! This main Turkish square, also known to be modern Istanbul,  is filled with restaurants, shops, hotels, people and is surrounded by creative street art. I loved making my way to Taksim from the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, it is quite a walk but enjoyable especially on such a nice day.

Although the Taksim’s tram line is available to get to one point to another along the avenue, I enjoyed photographing the wagons in the midst of pedestrians. Some tram wagons serve as moving concerts if you will- live music is being played for all to enjoy as the tram passes you by. I had never seen such a thing before but moving concerts are quite cool! There are various wagons passing at different times with different music genres- from electric to traditional Turkish music. I’m not sure if this available all year or it was simply part of the summer Art & Culture festival but Taksim is the main place for public events from protest to parades to celebrations.

Taksim is also a great spot for souvenir shopping and high end retailers. There certainly is enough choice to exhaust yourself!  But no worries, Taksim offers an array of different restaurants: international or traditional, street food, pubs,  & cafes to take a break. I had my favorite: spinach and cheese ‘pide’ (resembles a crepe) and I also tried ‘Ayran’ which is a cold yogurt beverage. People usually love it or hate it- I hated it, it tastes of salty milk but to each their own. On the other hand, I enjoyed the ice cream and the juggling show that comes with it upon purchase!

When I think of Taksim, what resonates with me most is the lovely street music and street walls covered in graffiti art. Together they make the area unique, artsy & vibrant. Taksim, never a dull moment!

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58 thoughts on “Taksim

  1. Once again, your post, and especially your photos, of Taksim bring back my memories of living in Istanbul. I went to Tomer, a Turkish language immersion school, which was located on a side street in Taksim, every day, all day for a month in the summer of 2006. The bus getting there and back from the old city was very crowded and you may recall that deodorant is not a big thing there, so it was also a bit smelly. 😉 But the life of this city is simply amazing. I’m glad that you got to enjoy it, too! ❤


    1. Pleased to hear the way I photographed Taksim brought back lovely memories of your time in Istanbul. I can image how crowded the buses and other public transportation were, adds to the vibrant and chaotic life of this city. Glad you enjoyed the essence of this post.

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  3. Lovely! I spent new years eve there about 10 years ago I think .. not many tourists…. a little surprise visit of riot squad ahead of anticipated fire works which got cancelled. There was no actual trouble. It was actually a peaceful place .


    1. So nice to hear you enjoyed my photos. I hope I did a good representation of this town. Yes I did visit many other cities. They will be posted on my blog on the coming months. My next stop is Cappadocia. Stay tuned for more on Turkey!


  4. Love the music on the tram! Reminds me of what we’ll see here in the States in a few weeks – floats for our July Fourth parades, and a lot of bands playing music on them.

    I’m not much for chaotic places, but in small doses I think I could handle it 🙂 Looks like a fun place!


    1. Me too,it’s like a moving concert while walking the streets of Taksim. Just so cool. Ah that’s cool too. I had never heard or seen this before. Haha same, this time the chaotic was fun because it was cultural and unexpected.


  5. Your photo tour really made me feel like I was walking down the streets myself. The bustling crowds, graffiti on the walls, street performers on the sidewalk… Very cool glimpse into the culture!


    1. Glad to hear you have walked through Taksim via the photos on my blog. That is my aim, to allow others to travel with me via my photos. Thank you, pleased you have enjoyed the essence of the post. More to come-Stay tuned

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    1. I totally agree. I loved photographing the tower. Yes that is true, Istanbul is very crowded but it adds to its unique beauty. Sounds are everywhere, traffic, people, call to prayer and chaos all at once as for aroma mostly in indoor markets. Overall a cool city to visit.

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  6. What a lovely collection of images. They are atmospheric and capture the spirit of Taksim. I can almost feel its bustling streets and those musicians livening up things (so far I have explored it only through Orhan Pamuk’s books).

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    1. Wow thank you. That is a lovely compliment, I am the one who photographed this whole segment. Usually if I am in the picture I am not the one taking the photo. I agree, Istanbul is an amazing city with so much to see. Thank you, I am not alone so they is no danger as I visit interesting places.


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