Essence of the Topkapi Palace

The beautifully impressive Ottoman palace, rich in history, art & architecture. dscf9187The Gate of Salutation entrance where visitors once had to salute the Sultans before entering.dscf9190dscf9194The Gate of Felicity- entrance to inner court or third courtyard, the private residence of Sultans.  The marble pillars of the gate represent the presence of Sultans and entrance was once forbidden without their approval. dscf9204Main entrance of the Audience Chamberdscf9207The Audience Chamber is also known as Audience Hall or the Inner Council hall or Chamber of Petitions and is the first to be visited when walking through the Gate of Felicity. dscf9210The sequence of arches & curvy domes is beautiful. dscf9212dscf9216Just enjoying the architecture and the essence of the Topkaki palace.dscf9219dscf9220Filled with touristdscf9221The patterns, the colors and the golden linings are so inviting. dscf9223dscf9226dscf9230dscf9231dscf9234dscf9235dscf9237dscf9239dscf9246dscf9248Wearing: Forever 21 shirt, Zara pants, Tods shoes, Michael Kors purse, Purple Swatch watch


The Topkapi Palace is located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey.  For about 400 years, this royal palace was the Ottoman Sultan’s residence where many political events were held. Today it is one of the biggest and most popular touristic attractions of Istanbul and has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One can spend a full day in the palace to enjoy all its got to offer from gardens, beautifully decorated rooms, collections, ancient harems (separate part of household for wives) & jewel filled treasuries providing  a great quick look at the fascinating life the Ottoman must of lived!

This extravagant palace surely is worth the visit and is a great opportunity for scenic photos. After visiting every corner, I would suggest to enjoy the top view on a beautiful day when the sun is shining  and the wind is blowing through your hair.  Built at the top of a hill in a peninsula, the Topkapi palace offers a great view on the water so why not sit and enjoy the moment.

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45 thoughts on “Essence of the Topkapi Palace

    1. You’re welcome. Glad you think my photo collection is amazing. I try to make it as interesting as I possible can. I would totally recommend visiting this city, it is my favorite because its so chaotic yet so calm. Happy future travels!


  1. I could never get enough of the blue and white tiled walls, and the magnificent gates and domes. Sitting and gazing about, as Istanbul goes about finishing its day, sounds like a perfect way to enter the evening hours.

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    1. Thank you so much. Glad you love it. Pleased to hear you are loving travelling through beautiful Turkey with me. It is a beautiful country indeed! Thank you for the lovely compliments and for your continuous readership.

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  2. These pictures are beautiful. I love to travel, but have never been to Turkey. My husband and I talked about a driving trip from Budapest, where I lived for a while, through Romania and Bulgaria and a few days at the end in Istanbul, but it’s still just a pipe dream for now. Thanks for following my blog. We should co- write a piece about travel as a spiritual practice.

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    1. Thank you so much! Turkey is totally a place I’d recommend visiting. There is so much to see and so much variety. Hope you idea turns into a real plan some time, those all are great places to see. You’re welcome and thank you for visiting and commenting on mine. Sounds cool, I’d be open to the idea but depends on my schedule- I can’t promise anything. Happy future travels and blogging!


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