Bustling Bazaar

Posted one day early, I made an exception for my Birthday today:)

This is Istanbul’s world known grand bustling bazaar! Easily reached from The Sultan Ahmed mosque, the grand bazaar is in the walled city of Istanbul’s old city.dscf9025dscf9032dscf9033dscf9034dscf9035dscf9036dscf9037Colorful chaotic and crowded Grand bazaar with pointed archesdscf9038dscf9045Turkish flag

dscf9047dscf9052dscf9053dscf9057dscf9065dscf9070Shopping for spices. dscf9071dscf9076Wearing: Forever 21 shirt, Zara pants, Tods shoes, Michael Kors purse


Istanbul’s chaotic grand bazaar was one of the first shopping experiences in the world. It is the oldest and largest market, holding 5000 shops, 60 covered streets while attracting 250 000 to 400 000 shoppers per day, over 90 000 000 each year. It offers anything anyone can ever want or imagine, from the jewellery road to spices, furniture, ceramics, embroideries, carpets, leather goods, clothes… you name it, the market has got it!  The labyrinth of shops surely is an exciting shopping adventure.

Not only is there every type of shop one can think of, the colorful bustling bazaar includes two mosques, cafes, restaurants, fountains, hamams (Turkish spa) and four main gates. After some exploring, I truly enjoyed having lunch, trying authentic Turkish kebabs and tea while watching the bustling crowds hustle through the alleys and bargain their purchases.

For today, I’ve only briefly visited the lively bazaar but I’m dedicating another day to come back simply to discover hidden gems & treasures, watch the artisans work, appreciate the taste of different teas and of course try the art of bargaining prices.

The best way to explore the grand bazaar is to simply get lost in it. It’s impossible for new tourists to know their way around in this cultural shopping maze. Get lost in the alleyways, enjoy, appreciate the smell of spices and go with the flow of the Turkish way of life.

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110 thoughts on “Bustling Bazaar

  1. These pictures are amazing, Evelina! You’ve also reminded whenever I’m in Turkey to try and buy one of those lights in the 4th picture. They’re so beautiful!


  2. This brings back lovely memories of a trip 20 years ago. The market looks a bit smarter but I’m sure the lady in photo 7 is wearing the same patterned trousers I had back then! Thanks for the follow.


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