Sun goes down

New corner of the Earth to discover: beautiful Turkey!

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Istanbul, a city so vibrant yet so calm where cultural experiences take place. dscf8849Waving Turkish flagdscf8850Taksim from a distance

dscf8851Domes & Minarets of the Sultan Ahmed Mosquedscf8857dscf8858dscf8862dscf8865Sultan Ahmed Mosquedscf8866Fishing from the Galata Bridgedscf8867dscf9264

Life in motiondscf8868Photo taken at sunset during the Holy month of Ramadan last year.. Beautiful as the sun goes down

dscf8870Walking on the Galata bridge over the Bosphorus straitdscf8872dscf8884Wearing: Forever 21 pants, BCBG tank, Zara Jean shirt, Michael Kors purse, Converse shoes


Istanbul at first glance.

This was my first glance at Istanbul. I had Just landed and wasfreshly off the plane, a little jet lagged but couldn’t wait to explore this city. Actually it was second glance, I’ve been here before, when I was about 18 months old, so let’s make this the first adult glance at Istanbul. So quickly I felt how vibrant and unique Istanbul is, a city like no other.  As I walked near the Sultan Ahmed mosque and over the Galata Bridge, I loved it instantly! Wanderlust at its best and for some The Greatest city in the World!

How beautiful is the picture where the sun sets over Istanbul’s beautiful skyline. It’s my favorite capture of this post because for me it represents life in motion. People crossing the bridge, cars passing by quickly, birds flying high as the sun sets in the background with the mosque and its minarets by its side during Ramadan last year- lovely shot as the sun goes down.

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My time in Turkey was a G Adventures trip. This is the yolo Turkey on a budget tour. G Adventures  is the largest small group adventure travel company in the world. 


52 thoughts on “Sun goes down

  1. A long time ago, my buddies and I took a cab from the quay to the Grand Bazaar. Should have been a short trip. Lesson for travelers: be sure your cabby speaks enough of your language to know what you mean -or find another who does! That was an adventure!


    1. Haha I’ve heard crazy Istanbul cabs rides are pretty common. I remember when I got one from the airport, the driver suggested to take the “long” way to show me more of Istanbul and then unexpectedly charged me for it. At least I enjoyed it and am always prepared for extra expenses and new adventures!

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  2. Radiant is the city, one of the Holy Cities of the Baha’i Faith, to which I adhere. You present a very positive picture of Galata Bridge, which others have found rather a treacherous environment.


    1. Thank you! Glad you think I presented a positive picture, that was indeed my intention. I love the city of Istanbul therefore I will only speak of it in a positive manner. More Istanbul and Turkey posts in weeks to come, stay tuned!

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