My mini Italy videos on YOUTUBE

Hey everyone,

Now that my Italian journey on the blog is coming to an end, I invite you to check out the mini videos associated with many of my posts on my YouTube channel. The mini Italy videos on YouTube consist of me being me in the cities I visit offering a little sneak peak to each uniquely beautiful place. Below you will also find a recap of most of the cities I’ve visited in Italy with a throwback to many of the past Italian posts.  Click on the link or photo if you wish to revisit a post or you can visit my YouTube channel. I have totally enjoyed having you all travel with me via my blog- Evelina by Evelina Di Lauro.  New destination coming this Friday-Stay tuned!

Happy readings or viewings. Pleased to share the channel with you!

Comment & share as much as you’d like. Feedback is always welcomed. Which post or video do you like most?

Until next time,


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Recap of past Italy posts below:

Capri IMG_0473


Florence top viewDSCF3651





Lake Gardadscf4391



Monterosso al maredscf4670




Pisa- My most viewed post



This is it for the sum up of my trip in beautiful Italy. Check out the YouTube videos for a sneak peak each city has to offer.

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Stay tuned for my new destination up on Evelina by Evelina Di Lauro blog. New post as always this Friday!

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69 thoughts on “My mini Italy videos on YOUTUBE

  1. Hello Evelin, my name is Gregory Thomas. Thank you for liking my poems on my blog at
    I thank you very much, and will be sure to check out your writing as well. Let’s keep in touch. 🙂

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  2. My favorite is you with the leaning tower in the background. All your images are very nice, as is your fashion sense. You could sell lots of tickets showing Italy in this way. Compliments to your photographer as well. He/She has captured your true essence, and that of a beautiful country. Bravo!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I loved the leaning tower one too, that was my most popular post yet! Thank you so much for complimenting my style. Haha if only I had Italy tickets to sell, maybe one day. Photographs vary but I direct the photographs if that makes sense. I appreciate you noticing the details. Thank you again!

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          1. Usually is. We are masters of our own fates to a degree. Certainly our own grace in how we step forward. Mercury retro at the moment. 3 times a year this happens. Communications or mechanical things can break down a bit under Mercury retro.


          2. Okay… I agree and I plan and hope to step forward with grace. Hopefully all that may break down will eventually be fixed.If it has to do with anything broken from my part I’ll surely try and fix the broken down.

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