La Dolce Vita – Taormina

Taormina- A charming and coastal historical town perched on a beautiful mountain overlooking the Mediterranean sea while enjoying the best of Italian culture.20140702_140053dscf1770dscf1772dscf1777dscf1790Canoli dscf1801dscf1808Main Squaredscf1811dscf1815dscf1827dscf1834Active Mount Etna volcano is the background

dscf1846dscf1848dscf1852Love the purple flowers

dscf1865Breathtaking vistasdscf1877Spiaggia Isola Bella  (Pretty Island Beach)20140702_152201dscf1880dscf1883dscf1890img_8648img_8659img_8660img_8664img_8682img_8684img_8718img_8755dscf1862Wearing: Top Shop dress, Zara shoes, Oliver People Sunnies, Lacoste watch and Michael Kors bag


This is the one and only Taormina. Perched on a mountain edge, Taormina is a beautiful and breathtaking hillside town in the province of Messina, Sicily, Italy. Amazingly located, this charming village is a great summer vacation destination or even for a lovely intimate weekend getaway. There are far more tourists here than in other Sicilian towns therefore it is more expensive and filled with souvenir shops.

Toarmina has always been known to be a Mediterranean pearl because of its spectacular views where pristine waters, Mount Etna volcano and mountains all together create a beautiful Sicilian east coast.  Because of its beauty and ideal location, Taormina was once conquered by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and then ruled by Normans and Spaniards. Needless to say, seems like everyone wanted a piece of this land.

I enjoyed the medieval streets and narrow walkways giving the town a romantic flair especially with the purple street flowers. Although I loved the beach, my favorite was at the top, at the main square where grand pastel buildings overlooking the sea provide a uniquely magical view. I would describe Taormina as an elegant Italian way of life or maybe even slight touch of paradise- La Dolce Vita

Taormina marks the end of my beautiful and rich Italian journey. Stay tuned for my next photographic adventure in … wait for it …stay tuned.

A la prossima bella Italia

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100 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita – Taormina

  1. Thank you for checking out my blog. I’m glad you found something you liked there. You have a lovely blog, and I love your pictures. Some day I hope to visit these places. I wish you well!


  2. Beautiful post and photographs! Italy is my absolute favourite country in the world. I’ve traveled a lot in the North and Central Italy but am yet to explore the South ^^


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